Download And Install AnzioWin For Windows PC

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anziowin for windows

AnzioWin is working as your terminal emulator, So your host program can do client-side printing beyond what you thought was possible If that feature is supported by your host app, AnzioWin can handle that. If it’s not, AnzioWin has numerous tricks up its sleeve, including SSH backchannel printing.

What is AnzioWin Features

  • AnzioWin adds support
  • user-defined macros, scripting, FTP, and Secure Shell FTP (SFTP)
  • file transfers
  • the embedded version of our Print Wizard
  • Runs on Windows 8 & 10
  • Communicate via SSH
  • Communicate via TCP/IP (telnet)
  • Communicate via Serial
  • Communicate via Modem (TAPI)
  • Communicate via Rlogin
  • Passthrough Printing
  • Print a local file
  • Print the screen
  • Print using Windows printer driver
  • Print bypassing driver
  • Print Wizard features
  • Auto-fit text to the page
  • Add form overlay
  • Translate PCL files
  • Print to PDF
  • Print to TIF
  • Print to PDF or TIF and email
  • Print to Windows fax
  • Print to EMF
  • Print barcodes
  • Full international (Unicode) printing
  • Display international characters
  • Input international characters
  • Key Remapping (create, edit macros)
  • Use Macros created elsewhere
  • Windows scripting
  • File transfer via FTP
  • File transfer via SFTP (for SSH)
  • File transfer via Z/X/YModem
  • File transfer via Kermit protocol

How to Download AnzioWin For Windows PC

  • First of all click on the below download button
  • Now you will be on the official source page
  • Where you can download AnzioWin
  • Click on the download button
  • Now download will start
  • Wait until the download not completed
  • After successfully downloaded you will get the AnzioWin source file on your pc or laptop

How to Install AnzioWin For Windows PC

  • Go to the download in your pc
  • Now find out the AnzioWin named folder
  • Open it
  • Again find the AnzioWin setup file in this folder
  • Once you find it, Double-tap on it
  • Click on run 
  • Now follow the instruction and complete your installation process
  • Now enjoy it


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